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Female Reproductive System





黃色箭頭所指為atretic follicles

此圖取自Bailey's Textbook of Microscopic Anatomy (18th ed.) p. 741


AF為atretic follicle之範疇

A section of an ovary typically includes a number of regressing or atretic follicles (AF). In a regressing follicle, the oocyte degenerates. In addition, the theca cells proliferate and invade the granulosa cells so that, in some resembles a developing corpus luteum. However, the zona pellucida persists for some time in the atretic follicle, and when included in the section, enables one to distinguish it from a corpus leuteum. In these cases, the remains of the zona pellucida appears as an irregular homogenous crescent or ring in a clear space that was formerly occupied by the degenerated oocytes. Ultimately, stromal elements replace the cellular elements.

此圖取自Atlas of Descriptive Histology (3rd ed.) p. 224-225


黃箭頭所指為glassy membrane

此圖取自Bailey's Textbook of Microscopic Anatomy (18th ed.) p. 744

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