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The primary purpose of this Department is to fulfill the teaching mandate of Chang Gung University. Anatomy is the cornerstone of medical education. Sound understanding of the human structure forms the basis of good health care. An awareness and vision in this regard brought the late Prof. T. M. Tseng M.D. Ph.D. to Chang Gung University in 1987. Under the  leadership of Prof. Tseng and his successors, the Department has since grown into an exemplary teaching unit consisting of 5 associate professors and 3 instructors devoting themselves to the education of tomorrow's caregivers. Every year, 150 medical students and 300 paramedical students arrive here to begin their preclinical training and education in Anatomy.


The Department is unique in its teaching of Gross Anatomy, in that it combines the strength of cadaver-based learning with resources of a prominent teaching hospital to stimulate insight into a better appreciation of the human structure from the clinical perspective. Apart from Gross Anatomy, the Department is also responsible for the teaching of Neuroanatomy, Histology and Embryology.